I'm a Babywearing, Cloth Diapering, Breast-feeding, Co-Sleeping, Pro-Vaccination Mama

It's absolutely no secret that I choose cloth over disposable diapers, I kick it old school with pre-folds like my grandmother did. Do you babywear? What kind of question is that?!? Of course I babywear, infact little miss was in a Soothe Shirt in the hospital the day she was born. When I say breast over bottle, I say that because well its natural for me and my body to feed the baby straight  from the tap itself. Co-sleeping... Okay that one I will be honest I didn't do it on purpose but hey mama needs sleep too and it was better than standing over my sleeping babies crib to watch her chest move up and down so I could see that shes still breathing. When I talk about my passion for natural parenting some have a misconception about my beliefs in medicine

So when I post about all of these things on my personal pages I have had people assume that I am anti-vaccinations, this couldn't be further from the truth. I didn't speak about vaccinations until now because it's like talking about politics, the subject can get very heated. Even in this post I won't go into too much of my pro-vaccination rants because I don't need to push my personal beliefs on anyone (okay this may be a bit of a fib since I do love sharing my fair share of vaccination posts on my personal accounts). 

I will say this tho, even though as a mother who is all about what should be and feel natural I shouldn't be labeled as someone who doesn't believe in man made medicines that are out there to help our children. I will always stick to what I feel is best for my child and although I try to stay to natural remedies for things like teething pain, small colds (that the doctors tell you to wait out anyways), and everything in between I will stick up for something that can help prevent illness that are preventable thanks to vaccinations. Don't let the term Natural Parenting mislead you.

Alyssa Waters

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Bubby's Mommy said...

You are right, just because you are a 'natural moma' people should not assume you are anti-vaccs. I consider myself a natural mom as well and I will be at the doctor with my son for every round of shots. Whether we choose to delay some or do them on time. We as moms have to do what WE feel is best for our kids and cannot let others opinions sway us. Good for you for being the kind of mom that can stand up for her children! :) And thanks for the awesome post! <3