Cloth Bella for the Cloth Diaper Babe

I'm not a sucker for most things but I am a complete sucker for cute baby clothes and I really can not resist clothes designed for a cloth diapered baby. If you cloth diaper you have likely dealt with the issue of a trying to bounce a big fluffy bottom into those leggings or baby jeans, Cloth Bella has a an easier solution to stuffing the fluff in....MAXALOONES! A pair of leggings or pants specifically designed for the fluff madness.

Now I keep saying cloth diaper & fluffiness but Cloth Bella does't just cater to cloth diapered babies, they have so many styles for every babe from harem pants to handmade hoodies.  As long as you are looking for a unique style you won't find in just any store Cloth Bella is your store.

We cloth diaper (in case you haven't noticed by our other posts) so naturally I am drawn to any shop that offers pants designed for the big booty. I started to get a little fed up with having to either buy a size bigger just to get the pants to fit over little misses big fluffy diaper or bounce her into her pants (she gets a kick out of this). Maxaloones or also known as "grow with me pants" are designed with a extra patch where the booty is, these patch is usually a circle and gives you more stretch room. Cloth Bella has made these pants to last much longer, giving you one pair of pants that will last through multiple sizes.
These Maxaloones by Cloth Bella remind me of adult yoga pants with this fold down waist band. At the waist band she provides a lot of fold down room so when your child is in the smaller size all you need to do is fold one, once they grow into the next size you just adjust accordingly. On top of the fold down waist band, these Maxaloones also have roll up legs (see pictures). This extra bit of material in the legs allows your little one to wear these even after a major growth spurt.

What I like most about Cloth Bella & these maxaloones is you can see the love that goes into making these adorable baby pants. Each Cloth Bella piece is handmade by a stay at home mom with a passion for sewing.

Cloth Bella is a handmade family owned brand. When you buy Cloth Bella you are helping a mom support her family so check them out now & maybe even put in a request for a custom hoodie or pants.
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Alyssa Waters

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Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

This is SO cute! I would love to have these for my cloth-wearing baby!