A Yummy Water Detox You'll Want to Drink

It seems like these days there is always a new drink to sip on or a pill to take to help lose weight & detox. Let's face it though there are many that just don't work for you, lets just say they are kind of gag worthy. If you are lucky to find one you love your banking account may not love you as much. 

What if I told you there is a detox drink that works & YOU can make it in your home for under $5 & you will want to eat the left overs? You'd ask for the recipe . 

What you will need: 
A Pitcher or Fruit Diffuser Bottles
Water (Lots & Lots of water)
1 Whole Lemon, extra lemon is you love lemons like me 
1 Cucumber 
Mint Leaves 

If you are using a pitcher you want at least a liter of water. Cut your lemon up into small wedges & throw them right into your water (maybe not throw unless you want water everywhere). Cut up half of your fresh cucumber into slices & toss them in. Now find the freshest mint leaves in your bunch, pick 8-11 leaves & add them to your water. If you are using multiple water bottles just split these ingredients into your water bottles, I do 3 thin slices of cucumber, 4 mint leaves & 2-3 thin lemon wedges. 
Let this concoction sit in your fridge over night & enjoy the next day. Try to avoid any other drinks throughout the day & drink nothing but your yummy detox water. 

I suggest not making any big plans for the day since if this detox water works it's magic on you, you will be using the bathroom frequently. I find this detox helps with irregular bowel movements, bloating & flushing away that water weight (causes bloating).  


Alyssa Waters


Rusthawk said...

Sounds like something I want to try. Thanks!

Jenna H said...

What a refreshing water combination. I enjoy raspberries in mine!