Why I played bad mom/ Santa this year

It's no secret I love my children and would give them the world if I could. If it was possible I'd wrap a lasso around the moon and pull it down for my children to hold if they asked. However this year I played bad mom and bad Santa. 

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw trees with presents stacked up so high and all around that you could no longer see the bottom of the tree. Gifts galore were on the tables, couches and more. I then looked under my tree where there were far less gifts for all 3 of my children than some of these with just 1 child and I will admit that I felt like maybe mom and "Santa" didn't do enough. 

As I continued to think I remember what I said before the over flow of Christmas tree photos, "I won't show my kids that they will always get what they ask for." I don't mean that they will ever go without but I do mean they may not get those 4 video games that costs an arm and leg just because "Santa could bring it". They won't always get the 50 plus gifts they asked for while walking through a store. I planned to show my kids that the holidays mean so much more than just ripping apart folded paper to revel the ultimate Lego set that they asked for one time and forgot about it. I want my children to grow up thinking the holidays are about family and being thankful for the meal on our table. 

So as we head into Christmas Day remember that it's not about how many gifts that your child/ children get from mom and dad or even Santa but about the time you get to spend together. 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Alyssa Waters


Bubby's Mommy said...

I love this post so much! The Holidays have become all about who has the most money to spend, who gets the most gifts, who bought the best present for whom. It should be about family and the spirit of giving. Next year, I am thinking about doing gifts for the homeless, and children in need instead of spending on us. We already have everything we need so why buy more crap to add to the pile of things played with or used once then forgotten. Next year, we will give love instead of presents!

I really enjoy reading your posts, they always get me thinking. Thank you and Merry Christmas! ♡♡♡

Sarah Hayes said...

I am the same way with gifts. I don't even bother to ask my daughter what she wants. I ask her what she wants to give and do for others for the holidays. I mostly rely on things I win to give her as gifts so she only got a few gifts this year but they were very meaningful