Schlummersack, the sleep sack your baby wont out grow in a month

As we all know it seems like they come out with something new that is no longer safe to put your baby to bed with, no blankets, no pillows, no this and that. So what exactly are you suppose to use to keep your baby warm at night? I sleeping sack thats what! 

When you think of a sleeper sack for a baby you think of those ones that look like baby straight jackets right? Those ones that your baby will outgrow within the first four months of their life and you just spend a small fortune on a sleeper that will be packed up in a box.  What if I told you there is a sleeper sac thats just like a sleeping bag but with sleeves for your babe to safely wear all night? I am about to introduce to the best baby sleeping bag ever made or at least in my opinion it is. 


These baby sleeping bags are by far the best for a stubborn child who hates to keep socks on their feet and fusses as you try to place their feet in the footed pajamas. Or in my case a child who screams as you try to put her pjs on. For those nights that its cold and I just don't have it in my to fight the battle I love putting her in her new Schlummersack baby sleeping bag and she seems to enjoy it too. 

Now I could go on forever about how this sleeper sack is just like a snugly warm sleeping bag that doubles up as a sleeper but we should really get into why Schlummersack blows away any competition. MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! 

At first I was confused about sizing when I was trying to pick out the perfect one for my baby girl who is growing like a wild weed. When I first thought about sizes I was expecting to have to choose from the usual 12 months, 18 months and so on but I was surprised to see sizes like 12-36 months. How could something possibly fit my baby now and fit until she's 3? Seemed almost like I was being fooled, like when a shirt says 12 months but your 8 month old out grows it but once our Schlummersack got here I thought "Ha jokes on them, she can wear this thing forever!"
For starters this baby sleeping bag fits just like an adult sleeping bag should, wide and loose on the body so we don't have to worry about little miss getting too chunky but that still doesn't give you that 12- 36 months. Here's the secret... THE LENGTH, this is almost magical and here's why, the length is adjustable, when your little one is still in those baby sizes just fold up the bottom of your Schlummersack, stick it to the velcro on the back and snap the two snaps. Once your baby is past those baby stages in the Schlummersack just undo the snaps and get more length. Can your child's sleepers do that?

Schlummersacks are available in the UK through their site or in the US on Amazon

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* I received the products mentioned above free of charge in exchange featuring it in my Holiday Gift Guide.  No other compensation was provided to me to sway my opinion on this product, my opinions are those of my own and you may or may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters


Stella K said...

I love the range of sizes and the variety of colors these come in!

Janie Prather said...

I loved these when my children were little, the size now are so great, looks like so much room. My children out grown theirs way to soon. I would love one for my new grand baby on the way.

Deborah W said...

I love how much room is available in them for the child to move around.