New Year resolution- The only one you should make

We've all made them, every first day of the new year we make those Facebook posts, or make a vow. I'm talking about the famous, world wide known New Year Resolution. 

I personally can't tell you how many resolutions I've made each new year. Each and every year I made a list of things I wanted to do or change and I'm sure you can highlight some of these on the list you've made.

* Eat Healthier 
*Get out & be more active 
* Do some of those crafts I pinned on Pinterest 5 years ago

This list could go on forever and lets's all be honest here, saying we are going to do something to make a change for the new year is wonderful but do we actually stick to any of our resolutions? Your answer like mine is likely a big fat NO. 
So instead of saying NEW YEAR, NEW ME let's say NEW YEAR, STAY AWESOME because we are all pretty awesome the way we are. If you must make a New Year Resolution just make it to have a whole lot of fun. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bring it on 2016!

Alyssa Waters

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