Say goodbye mom belly with the Mamaway Post-natal Recovery and Support Belly Band

Staring in the mirror at my post pregnancy belly, picking up the extra skin and wishing that it would all dissapear.... This is how I felt after having my third baby and many moms feel after they give birth. I remember searching the internet for hours a day trying to find a solution to my flabby belly issues. I can recall finding waist clinchers that promised to give you 3 sizes smaller on your waist, but my waist wasn't the issues. I remember finding post pregnancy clinchers that you would have to buy two or three sizes to eventually get back to where I once was. After searching and searching I bought two different belly bands that simply did not work, at this point I had given up hope since I was now 6 months postpartum and I was lead to believe you needed to start from day 1 with a belly band.

Then my little belly miracle happened, I found the Mamaway Post-natal Recovery and Support Belly Band. Not only do I feel confident while I am wearing this belly band but I have began to notice my mommy belly flab appearance has decreased. Sure I am not going to have the flat tummy I once had over night but mommies I swear after my first three days of wearing the belly band day and night I saw a huge difference. Now I am about a month into wearing the Mamaway Belly Band and I am able to wear the cute tight tanks and of course I still wear my yoga pants but I can do it with confidence. I am not picking at my belly and changing my clothes 10 times a day because "UHH I look fat, I cant wear this out"

I felt so confident with my Mamaway belly band that I instantly posted a picture to my Facebook saying "best belly band ever" with my shirt held up so everyone could see it. I was eager to take before and after pictures and for the first time since I had my third baby I was ready to go out in public wearing a bathing suit (local swimming springs). Who knew that one simple stretchy band that goes around my stomach and Velcros could do so much for my confidence. 
The lovely Facebook Post Picture

What sets the Mamaway belly support band apart from others? 
*For starters if you go with a size you currently wear (for me it was a medium shirt) you will be able to purchase just one belly band since you just have to keep tightening it as your belly shrinks. 
*The two extra straps. The first two belly bands just had one piece that Velcroed and you had to make sure you got it tight enough the first time or you didn't feel any difference. The Mamaway had two extra straps that you pull around you from each size to make it tighter. This also allows you to pull it tight in the center of your belly, your lower belly and the upper part targeting your whole stomach. 
* The Price. I have seen belly bands that range from $30 (these did nothing for me) to $200+ which those were definitely out of my price range. The Mamaway goes for $99 on Amazon

I have suggested the Mamaway Belly Support Band to all the wonderful expecting moms that I know who are looking for a recovery band and I would suggest this to every mom who needs help getting her confidence back after having a baby.

* I received the products mentioned above free of charge in exchange featuring it in my Holiday Gift Guide.  No other compensation was provided to me to sway my opinion on this product, my opinions are those of my own and you may or may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters

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