Coloring isn't just for kids- Enchanted Forest Adult Coloring Book

Whoever said being a grown up had to be boring? Have you ever heard "I can't do blah blah blah because I'm an adult now"? I was always told "enjoy it now while your young, one day you will be grown up and you can't do that anymore", I remember my grandparents telling me this while I was watching Disney movies or coloring in my princess book. Well I am here to say THEY WERE WRONG! Having kids is my excuse for watching all those princess and fairy tale movies and now I've added coloring books to my list of things I can do because I am a parent/ grown up. 

Now coloring with your kids is super fun don't get me wrong but I mean come on the fun it taken out when you are fighting your 4 year old for the blue crayon. There is nothing like coloring the flowers blue like your kiddo asked and in the middle of you filling in between the lines they decide they need blue and you can use red instead.
I get to tell you that there are now coloring books just for you! When the kids are in bed and you just need to focus on something other than scrubbing the kitchen, washing clothes or in my case the stinky diapers soaking in the tub that are being prepped for wash, there is a coloring book designed for you.

I completely forgot how fun coloring can be and never thought about how they can relieve stress but boy do they. When I am having a rough day with the baby and she's finally asleep I take out my Enchanted Forest adult coloring book and have at it with all the fun colors that I can use to turn a black and white picture into a true enchanted picture that could be worthy of hanging on the wall. Each picture in this adult coloring book is so detailed that you really focus on masterpiece hidden in the larger image, taking the time to match everything up with the proper colors.
The only warning I have for you is..... be prepared to be sucked into the Enchanted Forest coloring book. You really will not want to put your gel pens or coloring pencils down. This coloring book is truly a work of art that just draws in all your attention helping you clean your mind of the days troubles. I've already asked for the rest of the adult coloring books on the market for Christmas.

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Alyssa Waters


tiffany dayton said...

I like coloring books for Adults. My husband likes to color sometimes. It does help stress.


i love coloring especially with the kids you are never to old for art and coloring love this book

Sandy said...

Absolutely love these coloring books, I have bought them as a few gifts and all recipients loved them!