Buttons Diapers has me singing oh it is love

Do you ever catch yourself singing to a certain tune, making up your own lyrics when you find something you love or really enjoy? I do it all the time and Buttons Diapers has me singing "Oh it is love from the first time I snapped you on the bum, oh it is love" (in the tune from Oh It Is Love by Hello Goodbye).
Let's just cut to the obvious, one thing us cloth crazy moms love is a cute print, thats one good way to get us to #BuyAllTheCloth. Sheerwood by Bottons Diapers has the cuteness factor checked off but I think I can say this for everyone who checks them out after this post that all their diaper covers have that checked off our list of reasons to buy cute diaper covers. If you aren't "All about them prints, bout them prints, no trouble" Buttons Diapers have one of the best selection of solids I have ever seen. 

Now that we have the cute factor down the next thing at the top of our lists is function. Although this Buttons Diapers cloth diaper cover is my first real cover (the first that isn't a AIO) I have to say I am impressed. Many moms in a cloth diaper support group suggested I get some great covers when I expressed I was getting discouraged with cloth diapers when I was doing a diaper load everyday, they told me covers that you can quickly rinse off if the baby soaks the insert or lets the duty out on it would save me from giving up and oh how they were right. These diaper covers from Buttons Diapers can be used multiple times before you really need to give them a good wash, the little one peed all over her new cover, all I had to do was wash it down in the sink and dry it off with a towel and put it right back on over her prefold. 
So now that we have the covers from Buttons Diapers covered lets talk about the inserts. Even though these are separate from the covers (sold separately) we still need to talk about them, Buttons Diapers gives you two options when it comes to materials, Hemp/ Cotton and Microfiber so depending on your preference you can be assured you will get what you want. Each come in daytime or nighttime doublers to ensure you get the absorbency that you need. We got the microfiber daytime insert and I was super surprised to see that the insert kept all the nasties in the insert and off the cover since we do own multiple brands of inserts that just don't seem to give our covers the protection they deserve. I really can not wait to purchase a few of the hemp inserts to compare the two materials and while I'm at it I will be buying a few of the nighttime inserts to see if they absorb more. 

If I don't have you convinced that you NEED Buttons Diapers covers in your life just look at how cute they are on the bum!

Buttons Diapers have completely won me over, everything from the button patch on the back to the practicality of these covers stole my heart. I didn't I could be anymore excited about cloth diapers now that I found a way out of diaper laundry every single day. In fact this mama plans to #BuyAllTheCovers from Buttons Diapers (maybe not all since my bank account says no but there will be a few in my online cart very soon).

If you are looking for a very affordable way to cloth diaper your babe then be sure to check out Buttons Diapers, you will not regret it.

Buy All The Covers Now for $13.50 & UNDER!

* I received the products mentioned above free of charge in exchange featuring it in my Holiday Gift Guide.  No other compensation was provided to me to sway my opinion on this product, my opinions are those of my own and you may or may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters

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