Get baby up and moving with Little Tikes Lil' Ocean Explorers 3 in 1 Adventure Course

We're talking about it again! Get baby moving around with Little Tikes Lil' Ocean Explorer 3 in 1 course. As parents we tend to look for anything that can get our babies going and one great way to do that is to encourage them to cruise around is with toys. Little Tikes Lil' Ocean Explorer 3 in 1 course will be sure to get your little one excited about sitting, crawling, standing, and even those first steps. 

Little Tikes has been a trusted brand in our home for many years, even I as a child played with Little Tikes from the time I was barely sitting on my own to playing in the back yard with my older siblings. Now my children have the chance to grow with Little Tikes. This year we will have gifts from Little Tikes under our tree for all 3 kids who range from 6 years to 8 months including the Little Tikes 3 in 1 course for Gwendolyn (the youngest).
When shopping around for the baby this year it is important to me that I find toys that she won't get bored of as she reaches new milestone and this Little Tikes Lil' Ocean Explorers 3 in 1 Course is just what I was looking for, not only will this course encourage her to get moving but she will have multiple toys to play with that are attached and listen to 20 plus sounds.

From Little Tikes
The Lil' Ocean Explorer 3-in-1 Adventure Course stimulates and entertains babies with 3 key developmental milestones: sitting, crawling and standing.

  The Ocean Adventure Course play center has three interchangeable play stations  

    that can be configured in different ways by snapping the legs together in each section 

•  The Octopus play station has a ball drop, clickers and spinners with fun sounds and  

    music to give positive reinforcement when your child stands or interacts with the toy 
•  The Submarine play section has a peek-a-boo door with a rotating wheel, a ball  
   drop, stretch fabric and spinners and clicker knobs.  
•  Your child will squeal with delight playing peek-a-boo or watching the ball come  
    through the shoot.  
•  The stretch fabric on the toy is a new play feature that your child will be sure to love. 
•  The Underwater play section is a fabric canopy that your child will love to crawl   
    through. An adorable squid rattle hangs on one side. 
•  The Little Tikes adventure course contains 20+ sounds 
•  Volume switch under the octopus handle 
•  Requires 2 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included) 
•  Assembly Required

**Please note: This toy is designed for home use only!
Let me be honest here I couldn't wait till Christmas to get this 3-1 course out of the box. Miss Gwendolyn is 6 months and sits up on her own and just began the movements to start crawling. With much excitement to see my little one get up and start moving I had to set up her new Little Tikes Lil' Ocean Explorer course. Once we got it all set up in the middle of the night I was ready for little miss to start playing with her new toy, I was so tempted to wake her up but as the saying goes "never wake a sleeping baby" I let her sleep. The next morning when she woke I got her changed and put her down to play. The purple octopus instantly grabbed her attention and she some how knew exactly what to do with him, she pulled his handle down and watched the balls drop and looked at me as to say "well get them mommy". Thinking it was a fluke I put the balls back in his arms to see what she would do and sure enough she looked up at me and turned back to the octopus and pulled the lever down once again. She was HOOKED! As Gwen starts scooting around more she explores her Little Tikes Lil' Ocean Explorer course more and more playing with all the little toys on her new course.

Note to Parents:
This makes the perfect gift for little ones on the move or who are about to be on the move. I suggest when giving this as a gift for the holidays that you set it up the night before so your little one doesn't have to wait for you to get it set up. This set does require you to use a screw driver and AA batteries.

* I received the products mentioned above free of charge in exchange featuring it in my Holiday Gift Guide.  No other compensation was provided to me to sway my opinion on this product, my opinions are those of my own and you may or may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters


Charlie said...

This is so awesome. I wish I would've had this when my kids were young enough to use it! They grow so fast... I can't believe my youngest is 3 already.

Dora Clemons said...

This is so cute! We have tons of Little Tikes toys in our home but not this one. I think my LO would love it!!

Laura B said...

This looks like a great Little Tikes product! I have a busy baby that would love it!

Katie Hall said...

I am going to put this on my baby register! My soon to be baby boy is gonna love this when he gets a little older.


this is so cute i would so get this for my baby he just turned 1 so this would be perfect for him thanks for the review