Babylonia Woven Wrap

Warning reading this review and viewing these photos may make you ditch your old wraps and say Hello Babylonia. We are no longer dreaming about what it's like to wrap with a woven but now we are dreaming of our next wrap.  

Babylonia has designed multiple woven wraps to ensure that you will find the perfect one for you and your little one. With your Babylonia wrap the possibilities are endless, if you live in a state where its always hot don't worry they have a Tricot Slen Cool for you, live where its cooler than the BB-Slen is for you. What if you don't want to wrap a carrier around you? Try the BB Sling or BB Tai. Babylonia has you covered for just about every carrier you could possibly want. 
BB-Slen in Wasabi 
We gave the Babylonia BB-Slen woven wrap a try and oh boy did this wrap convert us to wovens big time. Let's just start with that in 6 years of wearing my babies I've never had a woven, I was used to wearing them in a stretchy wrap that limited our ways to carry. With our BB Slen our wrapping possibilities seem to be endless. 

Woven Vs. Stretchy 
Stretchy wraps are great for smaller babies. Keep baby close to your heart at all times and kiss their foreheads whenever you want. 
Carry Positions: 
Front Carry 
Sadly you can do many carries in a stretchy wrap due to the "give" in the material. The jersey material stretches around your little one giving them the chance to move around. Once your little bug is very active a stretchy wrap no longer feels as supportive as it once did, you may have adjust the wrap, pulling it tighter throughout your outings just to make sure your baby or child is secure in the wrap. 

Woven Wraps Once again with this type of wrap you are keeping your baby or child close and giving mom a free hand to go about her day while comforting her little one. 
Carry Positions: 
It seems the carry options are just about endless with a woven.You may try...
Front Cross Carry 
Poppin Hip Carry 
Endless Back Carries (Rebozo, Rucksack, High Back Carry
Some ways to wrap may be limited only due to the length of your wrap. Depending on how many ways you want to wrap your bundle of joy you will pick your wrap to be a "Shorty" which is a size 2-3 (slightly limited to wrapping options but you still get your front carry, back carry and hip carry) or you may go with a longer wrap. You may decide to do a little wrapping research to see which ways you will want to use your carrier and I would suggest watching a few videos. 

Knowing I wanted to do what I call "Fancy Wrapping" I wanted a longer wrap compared to your average base wrap which is a size 4 for most. Our Babylonia BB-Slen is a size 6 wrap which allows me to wear Gwendolyn in multiple positions and on the days I want to go all out I can tie the wrap with an extra finish instead of your normal knot in the front or back. 
I quickly learned what I had been missing out when it came to woven wraps, when our wrap first arrived it was love at first sight. You can really see how well made these woven wraps are, the love that goes into making each one, when you look closer you can see each thread that was woven together to create your wrap. At first our wrap was a little stiff however with a great was in cold and a hang dry we were ready to give our wrap a try for the first time. Before getting our BB-Slen we had never done a back carry with a wrap so of course that was the first carry we tried, unfortunately this mama needs to watch some more videos to get it down perfectly but our BB-Slen did not let us down with a secure way to wrap. Our next new carry position for us was a poppin hip carry where Gwendolyn was able to sit on my hip (her favorite way to be carried when not in a carrier) and I was able to go about cleaning the house knowing that our wrap was keeping her tight against my body. Now thanks to our very first Babylonia woven this mama has started a "woven fund" to save for our next BB-Slen in another color and shorter wrap to really give us a versatile collection. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your Babylonia BB-Slen now

* I received the products mentioned above free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided to me to sway my opinion on this product, my opinions are those of my own and you may or may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters


Chloe Marchant said...

Love this! It looks super cute and comfortable.

Alexandria Lawrence said...

OH man that b&w with color pop is stunning! I've never tried a woven wrap before, but his post has me wanting to bad!