Ambi Toys stimulate your baby's brain with the Ambi Baby Gift Set

One thing I look for when it comes to baby toys is, will it help with development and Ambi Toys do just that. The vibrant colors draw in your little ones attention, the sounds show them cause and effect,  sorting toys guide your baby with thinking skills and the moving toys encourage your baby with movement making them want to try moving themselves i.e crawling. As mothers we want to give our children a little push when it comes to development and encourage them to learn as much as possible, many times we try to find toys that help with these developments and the Ambi Toys Gift Set helps us give our child the proper toys to get their moter skills going.

The vibrant colors really grab Gwendolyn's attention where these Ambi Toys are the only objects that she pays attention to when they are out for play time. These attention grabbing toys get her moving around as she follows the toys when she accidentally kicks or throws them out of reach. Her favorite toy in this gift set if the humpty dumpy toy that rolls, when ever he moves around she must try to follow so she can get her hands around this toy and push him around some more. This rolling toy has really gotten her on the move and has encouraged her to try crawling at 6 months old.

I'm highly impressed with Ambi Toys and it really comes to no surprise that they have been around for over 40 years so it's likely that you played with these toys when you were a child.
From the site
About Ambi® Toys
For forty years Ambi® Toys have been developing infant toys with a purity of design and colour to meet the stages of children's development, always with an emphasis on quality and safety.
Babies and toddlers are not interested in passing trends, fashion colours or the latest gadget. They need well designed and reliable toys which don't disappoint during play and encourage their gradual discovery of themselves, others and the surrounding world.
The toys from Ambi® satisfy these needs and are a continuing source of learning and fun.
Exactly what a good toy is meant to be!
Now that I have really had the chance to discover Ambi Toys for my youngest I will certainly be purchasing more toys for play time including their bath time toys.

You can find the Ambi Toys Gift Set and more here at GaltToys

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Alyssa Waters

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