Zubels has Fashion too! Organic Knit Sweater

If you read our blog you've seen our reviews for Zubels including their organic knit dolls and plush animals but this time we are sharing something new with you. Zubels has a complete line of Organic Knit Sweaters for baby and toddlers that match many of their dolls. 

I am not going to lie I am a complete sucker for adorable sweaters for my kids even though we live in the very hot Sunshine State where we don't get much of a winter but when I see a cute sweater I just have to get it. 

These sweaters are made from 100% Organic Cotton yarn so they are gentle on your baby or toddlers skin. We got the adorable cupcake sweater that has flared sleeves and waistline to give it that extra girly look. Along the shoulder on one side the buttons are completely functional (not just there for looks) so you can easily get it over baby's head.

Gwendolyn is almost 5 months old but wears a size 6-12 so we decided to go with the 9 months size in this sweater, although she has a little grow room in this sweater it won't be long till we don't have to roll up the sleeves. At first she was taken back by the sleeves since we don't wear sweaters here often but then she began rubbing them on her face as if to say "So Soft" then she began trying to eat them since when you are teething everything is for eating.
I wash this sweater in cold water and hang it up to dry and so far we haven't had any shrinking. Since it is 100% Cotton unless you want shrinkage I would suggest a hang dry.

Zubels offers sweaters for the holidays as well and I'm pretty confident we will buying all the kids matching sweaters.

Regular Price Range $32- $28. You can find a few on sale now.

* I received this sweater from Zubels free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided to me to sway my opinion on this product, my opinions are those of my own and you may or may not share the same experience. 

Alyssa Waters

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