Little Tikes Fall Toys~ Tumble Train & Wheelz

A trusted brand for years, Little Tikes is introducing their new fall toys just in time for the holidays. Little Tikes has been in our homes for many years, I remember being brought up with the best toys mom could buy and the name on those toys were in fact Little Tikes, now my little ones are growing up with the same toys my mother trusted for me. When I think of a toy that lasts through the hurricane we call children's play, Little Tikes comes to mind. Not only do our children love Little Tikes for play time, as parents we love their toys because they help teach our children.

Introducing their new fall line just in time for the holidays, Little Tikes has done it again by designing toys for kids of all age groups to get up and start moving. Shopping for the kids and baby has never been easier, thanks to Little Tikes I can be sure to cover our Christmas list for all of the kids this year.

The Little Tikes Tumble Train is a fun way to get your young child to get up and get moving without having to send them outside to play. This indoor train track tumbles as the train goes across the tracks. The Tumble Train is perfect for the little ones who are active like my soon to be 4 year old little girl, play time doesn't last long sitting still but with this Tumble Train she will be busy for hours.
Check out the video for Tumble Train in action  

This two in one Little Tikes Wheelz toys will be on all the boys Christmas list this year. With a remote control, your little one is in control. Place the car inside the wheel and go chasing your little sister around the house or take the car out and go spying on mom. When the car is inside the wheel your son or daughter can use their controller to cause the wheel to move forward or backwards, even better make the wheel do a 360. If your child decides to ditch the wheel that's okay too the same controller allows your child to drive the car around your home. 

Check out the video below for Wheelz in Action 

Be sure to include batteries under the tree to go with these Little Tikes Toys, each require batteries and batteries not included.

You can find these Little Tikes toys at your local Babies R Us or from the site 

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Alyssa Waters

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wow this looks like alot of fun i have two little boys who would love to play with this great idea for a christmas present