Urban Mom diaper bag for that stylish mom on the go

Let's face it, what mom wants to really walk around carrying a Winnie the pooh or teddy bear diaper bag? Wait that's right no mom ever said "I can't wait to bring my teddy bear bag everywhere I go." Good news moms you don't have to carry that I'M A MOM bag anymore. Urban Mom has you cover for the stylish mom on the go. 
Many times when you find a stylish diaper bag it's now always practical, you have to choose what you really need to bring with you on the go and hope that you don't need what you left at home. This Urban Mom tote style diaper bag is designed to be stylish yet practical for the mom on the go. With nine YES I SAID NINE pockets inside this tote bag you can easily organize all babies goodies inside and you won't have to go hunting in the black abyss of baby stuff to find what you need. 

We go out of town almost every weekend to go visit Nana and packing a diaper bag to bring in the car is an absolute must. An hour and a half each way with a not so happy baby it's important to me to be able to find her paci or even her snuggle bunny without having to take everything out of our diaper bag, the 9 organizing pockets make it easy to spot exactly what I was "hunting" for. Most importantly I NEVER have to leave anything behind, this spacious bag allows me to bring extra outfits, pjs, cloth diapers with extra inserts, wipes, and so much more. 

I love that this bag can be paired with everything you could possible have in your closet. The classic design can go with that long lost dress thats been sitting in your closet since baby was born or your mommy tee and yoga pants. It's nearly impossible to wear the wrong outfit with this tote styled diaper bag. Most importantly this Urban Mom diaper bag won't break your bank, you can purchase this tote for $55 on Amazon

*I had the chance to receive this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are those of my own. You may or many not share the same experience

Alyssa Waters

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