Saving the world one less dryer sheet at a time. Lullaby Baby Organic Wool Dryer Balls

I've said it before and I'm about to say it again, our family is aiming to go as green as possible. We've taken one more step forward to help leave as little of a carbon footprint on our earth as possible. While we are helping save our planet we are also saving money in our pockets with Lullaby Baby Organic Wool Dryer Balls. 

Dryer Balls this.... Dryer Balls that.... Is all I seem to see in my newsfeed lately and I've decided to what what all the rave was about. 

Let's just start with the obvious: 
SAVES MONEY- These organic wool dryer balls are said to last you upwards of 100 loads of laundry which means you will purchase these once every few months vs buying dryer sheets every 2 weeks or so. I'm not sure about you but I was so tired of wasting money on dryer sheets, having to use 3 for every load of laundry and just watching my money go in the trash. 

BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT- Back to the dryer sheets. What happens after you use your dryer sheets? They go in the trash can and then later off to the landfill. Wool Dryer Balls only get thrown out once they are no longer doing their job which should be once every few months. 

ORGANIC- There is absolutely nothing added to these Wool Dryer Balls, your not covering your clothes in artificial fibers from dryer sheets. There are no added scents that can irritate your skin (take me for instance, I have the worst allergies when it comes to flower scents). 

From Lullaby Baby: 
When you use dryer sheets you and your family may be coating your clothes and skin with a thin film of artificial and toxic chemicals.
Wooly Naturals care about you and the environment. Each ball is handmade from 100% organic New Zealand wool offering a healthier and safer alternative to fabric softeners. Wool is naturally mildew resistant, flame resistant, is a natural air purifier and wool absorbs noise making them quieter in your dryer compared to other types on the market.
Here's how it works...our dryer balls soak up 30% of their weight in water. As your laundry dries, the wool balls gently fluff, lift and evenly distributes humidity in the dryer ensuring laundry balance, consistency and efficiency leading to a quicker drying time and less friction against your clothing fibers. Less friction leads to less static, softens your precious fabrics, and is gentle on your delicate clothing.
Easy to wool balls into your dryer with damp laundry and set drying time less than you normally do or use a moisture-sensitive setting on your dryer. Over drying has a tendency to cause static cling.
Use 3+ dryer balls for small laundry loads and 6+ for larger loads.
For added scent, add desirable drops of your favorite essential oil to wool balls.
Valuable tips on the care of your laundry is included in each pack of dryer balls.
Each wool ball and wool sheep coin purse is individually handmade with love and care by Nepalese women - with each purchase you are contributing to their livelihood, medical care, education, and better quality of life. We thank you for your support!
Wooly Naturals are a worthy investment so why back guarantee.

I do many loads of laundry every week and since getting these wool dryer balls I have yet to touch the dryer sheets under our cabinet. I love that there is no added scent to these dryer balls so my laundry comes out smelling like our organic laundry soap. If I choose to add a scent to these dryer balls all I have to do is add a few drops of our favorite essential oil to each ball to absorb it and release the scent into our clothes.  When I was using dryer sheets I found that my skin was extremely itchy after wearing freshly washed clothes, since using these organic dryer balls I haven't had any skin irritations. 
Noise factor? Well there isn't much added noise in the dryer even tho we litterally have little balls bouncing around during every load. They are fairly quiet and gentle on our dryer. 
Reducing dry time, these wool dryer balls are saving us money on electricity. Before getting these dryer balls, each load would take 45 minutes or longer to dry, now we are down to 25- 30 Minutes depending on the size of the load. Fifteen minutes may not seem like much at first but times that by three to four loads on laundry a day, three days a week and that number grows really quick.  

After using these for a bit now my only question is WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!? 

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* I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters


Lisa Weeks said...

We use reuseable everything glass wood and cloth. Diapers swiffers menstrual products bags everything lol also we have a beautifully blossoming organic permacultur garden with all sorts of foods!! We collect rain (when possible in California lol) and compost

Taylorrockssocks said...

I use reusable water bottles whenever I can. =)

Jessica Cooper said...

I've wanted to try wool dryer balls and I think these are a fantastic idea!

Cass said...

we recycle as much as we can and use biokleen products!

Amanda Jordan said...

We use reusable water bottles and a Brita system to avoid buying bottled water. We use cloth diapers, wipes, and menstrual pads/cups. We also use unpaper towels and reusable snack and sandwich bags. We use essential oils instead of chemical air fresheners and also in place of certain meds.

BabyOAB said...

We use cloth diapers and are purchasing some "un"paper towels!!

Sarah Elyce said...

We use cloth diapers, compost, and replace the dryer with air drying as much as we can.

Geneveigh Sewell said...

We've started our switch to green with cloth diapers!! That's the big one. We had already used cloth totes for groceries & washclothes instead of kitchen sponges. We hang laundry outside when the weather permits. Next on the going green plan are cloth menstrual products, unpaper towels, and switching all of our plastic items to glass or wood.

Kerri Hebard-Massey said...

We recycle and cloth diaper.

Jamie Hammel said...

We use cloth diapers, cloth wipes, dryer balls, and have started using a clothes line instead of the dryer when weather permits.

Susan Dobie said...

I am trying to go green not so much by reusing or recycling, but by not buying items or bringing them into my home to start with. I'm reducing. So far I'm seeing a potential for so much less stress and a much smaller footprint!

Sarah Hayes said...

I use cloth diapers and wool dryer balls. I also use cloth snack bags and glass containers.