Oh make it stop! When teething troubles start early

As a mom you love your child dearly, you'd stop the world for them if you could but sometimes you just want to crawl in a ball and make it all stop. I'm talking about teething troubles and when they start early it's not a pretty picture. 

All moms expect a teething little one, this is one thing we can not avoid however we prepare ourselves. What happens when it starts earlier than expected? You get completely thrown off. I for one don't do to well when things happen sooner than they should. 

Gwendolyn started teething last month at just 3 months old, now at 4 months she had her first tooth break through and you can feel three more under the skin. The worst part of this is Miss. Gwen is breastfed. My poor milk makers are sore from her clamping her little chompers down and pulling when she gets upset. This is the just start of me sometimes wanting to throw down the mommy belt and curling up in a ball in bed to cry. 
THE SCREAMING, OH THE SCREAMING!! Poor thing has no clue what's going on and why it hurts so bad. Being the little miss that she is, she's very stubborn (just like her momma) and refuses to chew on teethers. We've tried multiple teethers, chewing necklaces, teething pacifiers but Gwen just spits them out to scream some more.

You'd think that I've never done this before with the way I've tried just about everything I can think of to soothe the little vampire. With my other children they were late teethers and I do not remember it being this bad. At Least with them we could use Baby Orajel but the beast is too young according to doctors we need to wait till shes 6 months old to give that a try. I'm not sure I can last 2 more months being helpless with my poor baby in pain. 

What did you do for teething troubles?  

Alyssa Waters

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Charity Gorman said...

My oldest son started teething very young. Once he got old enough we used teething tablets made by Hyland's. I would possibly give a Baltic Amber teething necklace a try. My son doesn't mind wearing his and it seems to have really helped him a lot with his teething pain. Hopefully you can get some relief soon for your baby. I couldn't imagine not being able to do anything to help either one of my boys if they were in pain.