Motherhood without the glitz and glamour.

We see it all over the internet and in magazines, being a mother  is beautiful but what they don't show is all the less than glamorous moments in motherhood. What we see is mothers all dressed up, their hair beautifully done and their makeup flawless but the truth is when you're a mother those glamorous day are far and few between. 

The true life a mother consist of baby spit up, being a human teether and we can forget being babies favorite tug toy but we're okay with that. Magazines depict the perfect picture of what we dream about motherhood, standing there flawless with our gorgeous baby in our arms but what they don't show is the baby spitting up on Mom right after she got dressed up and her changing into her clean mom tee and yoga pants. You don't see mom wearing her brand new shirt, while she's holding her baby that hasn't pooped in days and she decides to let it all out and mom gets the "poosplosion". You don't get mom rushing to the bathroom with baby held out to get her in the sink to wash off all the stink and mom is trying to take off her shirt all at the same time. 

I want to see what mothers really deal with everyday, the real pictures of motherhood, the good, the bad, and the plain old ugly moments that really do happen on a day to day basis when you are a mother. Here on Mommies Gone Mad- Chronicles of a SAHM you will get the REAL MOM LIFE. You won't be only seeing pictures of mom with full makeup, you wont be seeing mom only wearing designer clothes, what you will be getting is what any mother looks like during a typical day in the life of mom. 

We will be starting a segment on the blog called Today My Child, where real moms can send in their stories about what it's like being a mom. If you would like to send in a short story to feature on our blog please email Alyssa at with the subject as Today My Child: 

Alyssa Waters

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