Home Made Baby Food

All moms want what's best for baby and to be honest with you, store bought baby food freaks me out. There's something about a jar of food that lasts years without going bad that just doesn't seem right to me. Plus moms I love to save a few bucks every chance I get. 
My other two children HATED baby food, I couldn't get them to eat one bite without it being spit in my face. This time around with baby three I decided to try making my own food at home. 
It's a lot easier than I expected and in all reality much cheaper than spending a buck something on each jar of food. 
What to buy: 
ANY Veggies or fruits, seriously you can not go wrong with anything fresh. 
Storage containers- We use Littleware Baby Food Containers  ( we will get into that a little more in a bit)
If you have a blender at home that is all you need, if you don't then go buy one. You don't need the fancy food processors for this. 

Now that you have everything you're all set to make homemade baby food.

Step one: Take your veggie or fruit of choice and clean it well.
Step Two: cut it up into small pieces, if needed take off the skin first (We use pre-cut butternut squash for this one, you can buy this by the bag at walmart)
Step Three: Steam your veggies or fruit. This will soften up the food for the blender.
Step Four: Once your babies soon to be food is soft throw it right in the blender.
Step Five: Mix in a little bit of Breast milk, formula or the water you used to steam the fruit or veggie. This helps blend the food and gets it looking like real baby food.
That's it! 

Once you're finished store your homemade baby food. We love Littleware Baby Food Containers! You can buy them in a set of twelve and they are the perfect size to stock up on your homemade baby food, not to mention they stack great in the freezer or fridge so they don't take up much room. Since we are just starting out I only fill our containers half way so each one is a small serving while we transition to foods. 
The seal on these containers seem to be much stronger than your average food container so I'm confident that we can safely store our daughters food without germs and bacteria getting in. I can easily make 3-4 different baby foods and store it all in these little containers to store in the freezer until we are ready to feed Gwendolyn.

You can buy these fabulous little containers on Amazon for just $26.83 for 12

*I had the chance to receive the Littleware Containers  free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are those of my own. You may or many not share the same experience

Alyssa Waters

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