Even your bum deserves the best. Sterling Global Products Flushable Wipes

We are always wanting to give the best to our skin, buying the latest skin scream and cleansers but it's time to give our bums what they deserve. Even the softest toilet paper can't give your bum a break like Sterling Global Products Flushable Wipes can. 

 Why is it when you have a baby you use wet wipes but as adults we use only toilet paper? We give our babies a nice clean bottom with reassurance all the mess is gone but we don't do the same for ourselves. I'm not sure about everyone else but I know sometimes my bum can use a break from all the wiping of toilet paper. 

Sterling Global Products has designed flushable wipes that safe for the septic tank and gentle on your bum. 
"Perfect for the outdoorsman in your life; unscented product is perfect for hunting, fishing, camping and boating. "

"Clean white lines allow this hanging dispenser to complement every bathroom, ensuring better hygiene for the whole family "
"Canister includes stickers and tattoos to help motivate good potty habits in children of all ages; perfect for potty training!"
My 3 year old took a little extra time potty training and the Lil' Booty's Adventure Wipes really helped encouraging her to use the potty every time she had to go, she would even tell us that she wipes her own bottom with HER special wipes, I never thought something as simple as a wipe dispenser with flushable wipes would make it so easy to encourage your child to use the big girl/ boy potty. 

I've seen flushable wet wipes before in the stores but I've never seen a dispenser that you could hang right with your regular toilet paper keeping your wipes out of the way and you don't have to reach behind you to grab a wipe. With these refillable dispensers you are not only saving space but saving money, you only need to buy the dispenser one time and just buy refill packs. 
The one thing that got me really hooked on these Flushable Wipes from Sterling Global Products is the price, compared to other brands out there these wipes are some of the cheapest I have found and by far beat them in durability.
Lets break it down: 
1  Dispenser + 1 Pack of 42 Count Wipes= $9.99 
1 Pack Refill Wipes= $2.99 
Check out more bundle deals on the Sterling Global Products Site  

I absolutely love that everyone in the house can have their own special wipes so there is no arguing who used the last wet wipe (unless I really do steal the last one). Sterling Global Products flushable wipes have been a huge hit in our home, sometimes I do not want to hear my hubby tell me how clean his bum is after using his wipes but atleast I know he's happy. After trying out other brands of wet wipes in the past and now trying these we will never buy another brand again. 

*I had the chance to receive this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are those of my own. You may or many not share the same experience 

Alyssa Waters

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