Doctors On Demand because mom can't always take the day off

Mom always seems to be on the go and sick days can mean spending the day in the doctors office. Sometimes we can't just take a day off with our busy schedules. Doctors on Demand is there for you at all hours of the day. Have a sore throat? Can't get rid of that bad cough? Or maybe your child just got sick to their stomach. With doctors on demand you can list your symptoms and talk to a doctor in the comfort of your own home.

I for one have never been a fan of sitting in the waiting room for an hour to see a doctor only to be told take some tylenol and wait it out. Seeing a doctor also comes down to the check book for me, a visit at a doctor's office without insurance has cost me $197 a visit and if you go to the ER you are looking at a bill that will take years to pay back. 
With Doctors on Demand you won't have any wait time and you won't be writing a check in the triple digits. For just $40 for a 25 minute video call your Doctor on Demand will discuss your symptoms, evaluate any flammation and write you a prescription if needed all while you sit comfortably at home. 

Doctors on Demand also offers video visits for Pediatrics, Lactation and Psychologist so you are always covered.

Use code MOMTALK for your first Doctors on Demand visit. Valid on your first video chat.

Alyssa Waters

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