Comfort baby with the sound of your heart. Keep them close with Soul Slings

Babywearing is definitely at the top of my list for favorite ways to bond with my baby. With every wrap, carrier or sling you keep your baby close to your heart. One of the greatest moments in motherhood is comforting your little one with the sound of your beating heart and I do that in our Soul Sling.  

I'm no babywearing pro but I started 6 years ago when my first was born, now I'm wearing my 3rd baby. We've tried wraps, soft structured carriers and ring slings and its no secret baby carriers are my addiction, while some people collect cats or stuff animals I collect baby carriers. 
I got my first ring sling as a gift from my sister when K-Man was born, we tried and tried but we both never felt comfortable, I even tried with Mel when she was about 3 months old and sadly we had the same outcome. Now that Gwendolyn has shown her love for babywearing with momma we gave yet another ring sling a try, that one just didn't do it for us either. After failed attempts with two different brands of Ring Slings I thought that they simply just weren't for us. I thought that it was just us, ring slings just were not our carrier. 
I WAS WRONG! Soul Slings completely changed my views on ring slings. Soul Slings are by far one of the easiest carriers to get a comfortable fit, be secure and keep your baby close to your heart. 

Soul Slings are not just a beautiful way to carry your baby but they are practical and easy to use. I have not gone one day without wearing Gwendolyn in our Soul Sling since this beauty arrived. Coming fully equipped with sleepy dust our Ring sling stole both our hearts. 

Our very first Soul Sling is Crimson Chambray, a double layer linen sling that is perfect for all temperatures. We live in Florida and currently at the end of the summer where it's nice and warm, at times we hit close to 100 degrees while we are out, even in this very warm temperatures Gwendolyn and I are comfortable without getting too hot. Most importantly these handmade ring slings are made with the best quality, the material is very durable, the stitching is perfect and there is no snagging in the material even when we are pulling to get a snug fit.

Babywearing is apart of our everyday lives and Soul Slings makes it easy to comfort your baby while you love a busy mommy life. I am able to get household work done, enjoy family time together and even workout while wearing Gwendolyn in our Soul Sling.

What I love most about Soul Slings is that they are by far the most affordable, hand woven cotton and linen for as low as $24. I'm not sure about you but I have paid triple that for a sling that I felt we wasted our money on. Soul Slings are worth every single penny plus some. All ring slings by Soul Slings are one size which means that they will fit just about every person who wants to babywear and they are great for babies/ toddlers up to 33 lbs.

Check out Soul Slings now and find the perfect ring sling for you & your little one.

* I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters

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Jamie Hammel said...

I've never tried a ring sling, but this doesn't look to difficult to use!