Bring your lunch in style with the Fit & Fresh Sydney Designer Bag and reuseable water bottle

Many of us want to save every penny that we can and one way to do that is pack your lunch for work, school or trip. By packing your lunch everyday you can save nearly $1,800 a year (based on $5 a day, 30 days a month and 12 months) and you can now pack in style with the Fit & Fresh Sydney Designer Bag .

When purchasing this Sydney Designer Bag you get a full set of containers to keep your lunch or snacks fresh. Check out the details below 
  • Dual rolled straps to carry on arm or clutched in hand
  • Magnetic snap closure and wire frame for easy packing
  • Exterior pocket with magnetic snap closure
  • Faux leather trim and 12 oz cotton exterior
  • The polyethylene interior is completely PVC-free and will help keep meals insulated for hours
  • Lunch on the Go Container Set includes (1) 8-Cup container and (2) 1-cup containers
  • Reusable ice pack can be frozen ahead of time to provide hours of insulation
  • Triton water bottle is shatter
  • scratch
  • stain and odor resistant
  • All components are completely nontoxic and BPA-Free
  • Lunch on the go measures 7.5" x 5.25" x 4.75"
  • Bag measures 13" x 6" x 10.5"

We make a one and a half hour trip every weekend and when you're a mother packing snacks is very important unless you want to stop to get snacks for yourself and little ones. Thanks to my new Fit & Fresh Sydney Designer Bag I can bring snacks every time we are on the go & I can do it in style. This bag is definitely one you will want to be seen carrying around, no one will ever know that it's a lunch bag. While carrying this lunch bag with me full of pumped milk for the littlest one I was stopped and asked where I got my "purse", when I stated it was actually a lunch bag the woman was shocked. 

This lunch bag is very durable so you know you won't have to make multiple purchases which will also help save money and the environment since you will not be throwing away your lunch bags anymore. Say goodbye old brown paper bag & HELLO Fit & Fresh! 

*I had the chance to receive this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are those of my own. You may or many not share the same experience

Alyssa Waters

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