Whimsical Fairy Baby Costume

When you have a little girl it's hard not to buy the cute little outfits for photo opportunities. When you find the tutus, headbands and even those adorable photo prop wings it's hard to resist the urge to buy them and nine times out of ten you will end up buying them even if you do get just one great photograph of your little princess wearing her fairy wings. 

My three year old had tutu outfits for every occasion and even just for mom to snap an adorable picture of a little baby fairy of snowman. Now my 3 month old has her very own Fairy outfit

This set comes complete with tutu, wings and headband so you don't have to run to store after store finding the matching pieces. I am fairly impressed by the quality of the wings and headbands, many times when you buy these pieces online they fall apart easily or even come damaged but this was not the case with this set. The tutu is very simple and thin, I do wish that it was a little thicker with extra tulle but it's still an adorable piece to this set.
Over all we love this little Fairy set and have decided it will be Gwendolyn first Halloween costume.

Buy now on Amazon for just $19.99

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Alyssa Waters


Denise Low said...

So very cute little outfit. And the baby is a cutie

Lynn Becker said...

That is adorable! I'm so excited for my baby girl's first Halloween, so many cute costumes out there how will I ever decide???