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It's all the rave these days, salon nails in your home without breaking the bank. Make it a girls day in with Jamberry Nails.

I recently gave these crazy nail wraps a try with Berrycutenails AKA Mrs. Allison a local Jamberry consultant. Who could pass up a Starbucks and nail date?!. Over coffee we chatted and did my nails. Allison taught me everything there is to know about Jamberry but most importantly she showed me how easy it is to get that salon nail look for a fraction of the price.

As a mom who so happens to love doing her nails I was tired of painting my nails every other day because let's face it mom duty is tough work & its tough on your nails. My nail polish collection just grew & grew with multiple brands of polish just because I thought "hey maybe it's just this brand that doesn't last long." I've spent $100's of dollars on nail polish over the last year & they just don't seem to hold up once I get the day started of scrubbing dishes, giving the baby a bath & everything else that comes with taking care of a home & family. Let's not even get started on the one time I went to get my nails done, an hour in the salon & $60 later for just a manicure I promised myself I would never waste money like that again. 

Now it's time to talk about this fabulous Jamberry Nails. If I am being 100% honest with you, I heard about these nail wraps for years now, consultant after consultant would message me on Facebook trying to get me to make a purchase. I never made a purchase, not because I didn't want to try them but I honestly thought they were a little pricey & I had never used them before, I don't know about you just $15 for "nail polish" seemed a lot to me. 
What these consultants failed to tell me is that even though a sheet does cost $15, you will get at least 2 uses from each sheet & even a few extra uses for an accent nail if your "edgy" like I am. What they don't tell you is that these nail wraps will last you at least a week even under harsh conditions like my nails have to bare. 
Allison at Berrycutenails was the first Jamberry Consultant to tell me all the details about these wraps. She was the first to really take pride in a product she helps represent. In Fact even after going into detail about Jamberry over messages she asked to do a meet up at Starbucks to have a girls day of coffee & nails. She showed me how to apply the nails step by step & even went as far as showing me how to trim the adult nail wraps to fit my tiny kid fingers (I have the same size nail bed at a 5 year old). Allison showed me how to apply the nails without allowing them to touch my skin that way I could get a maximum amount of wear. I never knew that the oils from my fingers would make these nail wraps not last as long since it could affect the way they stick to my nails, I would have messed up if she didn't walk me through step by step.  

The way Allison was with me over coffee I knew instantly she would be my official Jamberry Consultant. Allison takes much pride into making women feel beautiful with beautiful nails without breaking the bank. She even had me to the point where I was asking every question I could think of about becoming a jamberry consultant myself! Thats right ladies I loved these crazy nail wraps so much I am considering selling them myself. Allison showed me how much fun it could be, being a stay at home mom but still make some money to help with the family or even just for my own special spending money. 
She explained how with each purchase anyone makes she makes a commission on each purchase. Not to mention the discount she gets on Jamberry Nails! That alone is worth becoming a consultant. Who wouldn't love a discount or even free Jamberry Nails?!?

I felt like a child after my nails were finished which is not a bad thing. I wanted to show off my nails to everyone, even the girls outside playing stopped me when they noticed my nails & asked me where I got them done. After I finally made it in the house, the selfies just kept coming but these were no ordinary selfies, oh no! they were #NAILFIES

If you are in Orlando be sure to host an in house party with Allison. Trust me this will be a girls night in you & all your girlfriends will love. Plus anyone who hosts a party has the chance to earn free Jamberry Nails & amazing discounts. 

Join us 7/9/2015 for a Jamberry Party just in your PJ's! Thats right ladies Allison will be joining us to answer all and any questions you have have about Jamberry Nails. Join us for some fun, games & your chance to win some goodies JOIN THE PARTY

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Alyssa Waters

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Denise Low said...

My daughter gave me a set of these. And I just love them. There are many colors to choose from