Balance Bath Pillow

It's not often that mom gets much time to herself to relax but when she does she should do it right. I know when I can get away even just for 20 minutes I like to enjoy a nice relaxing bubble bath. 

Once the baby is asleep it's time for me to take out the bubbles, essential oil, take out my bath pillow and draw up my bath. When it's time for me to clear my mind for once I want to lay my head back, when in the bath that can get uncomfortable if your neck is on the ledge of the tub and your head is up against the wall.

I wanted so badly to say this is by far the best bath pillow but sadly it was not. At first I was pretty pleased even though I had an issue with not all the suction cups sticking to the tub and wall, the padding on this pillow made up for it and even though only 3 cups would stick they kept it up. Unfortunately after just a few uses none of the suction cups would stick. I tried cleaning them and the tub but even then not one would stick. I laid and put all the weight of my head back on this bath pillow hoping that maybe just a little more pressure would cause a stick but it would not budge, my favorite pillow to relax turned into something that brought on frustration.

* I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters

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