Baby Box Co. Classic- The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift

Baby Showers are about spoiling baby before they even arrive into the world. It's a time where all family and friends who attend want to give the best baby gift to make welcoming the new baby a bit easier on Mom and dad to be. What we tend to do is shop for all the cutest baby outfits we can find, buy the cute little shoes and we can't forget about the toys. However by the time the baby shower gift giving is over mom to be has 20 new outfits for her bundle of joy and a ton of cute little toys that he or she will play with 6 months after their born but what she's missing is the essentials. 

The Baby Box by The Baby Box Company covers the essentials to help survive those first few weeks and even months with a new baby. They strive to make momhood a little bit easier, taking away the stress that you may have forgotten some of the few baby must haves. They started this company to follow Finnish Traditions where each mother receives a box where the baby can sleep in for the first few weeks- months and are filled with the essentials that baby will need including blankets, clothing, pacifiers, diapers and more. The Baby Box Company wanted to give mothers in the US the chance to reduce the stress of searching for the right products that they will need for the baby and reduce the time spent hunting for what baby will need so she can enjoy her pregnancy and be prepared for the new bundle of joy.

Every Mother Counts

The Baby Box Company offers Baby Boxes that range from the Classic to The Every Mother Counts box ($69.99- $225.00), as you go up in price range you will get more baby essentials in your Baby Box. Each Box includes A Fitted Mattress, Organic Fitted Sheet, at least 1 swaddle Blanket, & a Lovie.

We received the Classic Box that is priced at $99.99 that really does include the basic must haves for baby and mom to be happy & have a eased mind.

The Classic Box includes:
1 X traditional Finnish-inspired baby box (length 70 cm, width 43 cm and height 27 cm) and lid designed with The Baby Box Company's current collection pattern
1 X fitted baby mattress 
1 X waterproof cover
1 X 100% cotton sheet
1 X lovey 
1 X onesie 
1 X swaddle blanket
1 X healthcare kit 
1 X pair of socks
1 X terry cloth bib
1 X organic washcloth
1 X organic burp cloth
1 X pair of mittens
1 X newborn cap 

Let's start with the Bed Box itself, the bed box is of a thicker cardboard that is very sturdy and designed with The Baby Box Company's current design, we got the super cute giraffe. The bed box follows Finnish traditions and measures at 70cm x 43cm x 27cm making it the perfect size for your newborn up to a few months (Gwendolyn is 3 months old, 25 1/4 inches and fits perfectly). Included in the Bed Box is the Fitted Mattress which fits snugly in the box, a fitted waterproof cover & a fitted cotton sheet. The mattress is just thick enough where baby can sleep comfortably.
The Baby Box is designed to last you the first few months so if you haven't purchased a bassinet you don't have to run out & get one right before the baby is born. They can sleep next to your bed in the baby box or if you travel you can easily take it on trip with you.
Our Classic Box included your basic Gerber Baby onesie, socks and beanie along with pair of mittens which is great for moms to have for once baby get here even if they are just "backup" clothing. To match the adorable giraffes on the bed box we got a little giraffe lovie blanket for Gwendolyn to snuggle up to at night and once she gets older walk around with her new little buddy. My favorite baby essential in our Classic box was the Aden & Anais swaddle blanket with the cutest little birds all over, every mom knows that swaddle blankets can help keep you sane that first few months when you just can't get baby to sleep, any first time mom will quickly learn how amazing these swaddle blankets really are. For bath time we got Earth Mama Angel Baby organic baby wash that is gentle on baby's skin. There were many samples included in our Classic box giving us the chance to try out some new brands and products. 

The Baby Box by the Baby Box Company is one gift that I wish I had gotten at my baby shower with any of my 3 babies. This box is full of baby essentials that someones we forget to pick up and it would have been nice to not have to run out in the middle of the night after getting released from the hospital to go pick up baby mitts and pacifiers. The Classic box or any baby box  will certainly be one gift no mother would ever forget. 

Box Idea: Once your little one is too big to sleep in the baby box use it as their first toy box. For little girls turn the baby box into their dolls bed. 

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* I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters

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