The Ultimate Casual Diaper Bag~ Metro Messenger by Timi & Leslie

We're showcasing Timi & Leslie once again! This time were showing off the Metro Messenger Bag from their Classic Collection. Classic meets chic and classy with this not so average diaper bag.

Timi & Leslie brings you a line of diaper bags for the not so average mom and let's be honest ladies every mom is not just "average", so why should your diaper bag be? With the classic line every woman can feel like a fashionista even while carrying around diapers and extra changes of clothes for the baby and kids. 

The Metro Messenger brings you a classic and simple but classy style all at the same time . Pair this bag with a long summer maxi dress or your favorite yoga pants and tank and you're ready for the whole day. Giving you lots of space on the inside and even outside pockets you won't have to leave anything at home when you are out with the kids or baby. 

We can't just leave the house without our diaper bag stocked up with all our baby essentials.
So what's in Mom Talk Reviews  Metro Messenger Bag
For a grand day out we stuff our Metro Messenger bag from Timi & Leslie full to the top with our baby essentials.
*Baby Wipes- You just can't leave the house without them with a baby or kids.
*Extra Cloth Diapers & Inserts- These are a must for us but just incase we also bring along some sposies.
*Change of clothes- Sometimes the baby does her duty & at times it's bit. Without Extra clothes we would have a nakie baby in the car going home.
*BALM! Baby Bottom Balm- Its not just for the bottom. Kids cute themselves we got Bottom Balm for that! Mom has a big pimple, we use Bottom Balm for that too.
*Snacks- I'm cheap and don't want to have to buy snacks while we out so these are a definite must 

We can take this and so much more in our new Metro Messenger Bag that was designed by Timi & Leslie for all the cool moms. Thanks to this fabulous bag we don't have to leave anything at home & mom still looks fashionable with a classic Messenger Bag 

 * I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters

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Yeah,great bag. Thanks for letting us know about it.