Teaching your kid to ride one kick at a time~ Strider Balance Bikes

Teaching your kids to ride a bike has just gotten easier. Strider Bikes teach your kids how to ride one kick at a time. 

These funky little bikes are missing something. Can you tell what they don't have? Strider Balance Bikes don't have pedals. Without pedals your little one can get the bike going with their feet on the ground. It's all on your child's time, if they need to stop they just put their feet down and mom doesn't have to worry about them falling, if they are confident with their balance they just lift their feet and get going.

 We got our first Strider bike when my son was just 18 months old. He wanted to be like his uncle and ride a bike but he was too short to reach the peddles on a regular bike. While we were at a bike shop the owner suggested we try a balance bike .
We found Strider and bought our very first balance bike shortly after. Within just a few weeks he was zooming around, I could not keep up with him. A few days later he was confident enough to pick up his feet and ride. Strider makes it so kids can learn to ride a bike on their own on their own time. If they aren't ready to balance themselves with their feet up that's okay they just keep their feet on the ground.
Strider gave my son the chance to learn how to ride a bike. Once he was tall enough to reach the peddles on "his big boy bike" he was ready to go. We skipped training wheels and went straight to two wheels. At 2.5 years old my baby boy was riding a bike all on his own without any help with staying balanced. 

Now my 3 year old daughter wants to keep up with her brother & just started showing interest in riding a bike. This sweet child of mine has the worst balance even when just walking so we didn't want to just put her up on a bike. Our new Strider Balance Bike is helping her gain balance, & even my unbalanced little girl can get the bike going with her feet & lift them up to stay going. I can not believe how easy it is for her to ride this bike. A HUGE thank you to Strider for giving her the chance to be just like her brother who she looks up to. Without her new Strider bike I feel like she would feel let out. She's so excited that she's learning how to ride all on her own.

Strider also makes bikes just like these toddler balance bikes for children with special needs giving every child the chance to ride. I 100% stand by a brand that supports all children & gives them the chance to experience something that my children get to.
Although my youngest is just 3 months old we are already discussing buying new parts for my 3 years Strider bike when it's time for the baby to start learning to ride a bike.

 * I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters


mom2twogirls82 said...

I cannot begin to speak about how much I love this bike, its something I wish I had growing up and something I wish was around for my teen when she was learning. Luckily its here now and my four year old can use it as well as my one and a half year old eventually. This would help so much with balance.

Lisa Weeks said...

Oh wow every time ibread about this bike i love it more and more. My daughter would LOVE this!! My fiancè and i would have a blast helping her learn to ride it!