Multi-Relax by Candide

Pregnancy, Feeding, & Baby hangout time, the Multi-Relax by Candide Baby covers it all. Multi-Relax is the perfect pregnancy pillow, feeding pillow and even combines as a pillow for when baby is relaxing.
Candide Baby really did keep mom and baby in mind when designing the multi-relax pillow. I only regret that I didn't discover it during my pregnancy since this could have really helped me get a better sleep at night with my big belly. Even now I sleep with the Multi-Relax pillow between my legs at night.
When Gwendolyn wants to hang out with her mommy and daddy when put her on the Multi-Relax pillow with baby Einstein and she watches away.

Candide Baby  designed the Multi-Relax pillow to snap together to create a seat for baby to relax comfortably and gives a little height so they aren't laying flat (Gwen hates being flat on her back).
When mom is using the Multi-Relax pillow you unsnap it and it becomes a longer pillow. For nursing wrap the pillow around your waist and your ready to feed your baby. I breastfeed and this pillow is by far the best for nursing, I no longer have to lean forward causing strain on my back while the baby eats. At night time I use the Candide multi-relax pillow between my legs to get a comfortable nights sleep. 

From Candide Baby: 
The first convertible maternity pillow and baby pillow! It relaxes both mother and later baby in comfortable and safe positions. Comfortable during pregnancy With the maternity pillow Multirelax, your belly is supported when you are lying down Great for supporting baby and you during breastfeeding The maternity pillow brings you comfort during breastfeeding: Baby is the perfect height and back is relieved Relaxing Baby The maternity pillow Multirelax also acts as a safe baby nest. It brings comfort from birth to 6 months.
Zipper 28in the inside cover is breathable mesh which allows ventilation of the product when wet.

The cover on the Candide Baby Multi-Relax is very easy to wash, just unzip the cover, take it off, throw it in the wash with all your other baby clothes and that's it. I like to air dry our cover to be on the safe side. 
I really wish I knew about this very comfortable pillow for mom & baby earlier, this is one I would have bought from the beginning of my pregnancy to use the whole time & now for my 2 month old. 
100% worth the price. 

  * I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters


Bubby's Mommy said...

I think I love this little thing!!!! I wish I had one of these when Bubby was born. It looks so comfy, and your review of it makes me want one now, lol! Maybe my next go around I'll have to snag one of these then. ;)

Alexie Dorado said...

Wow I wish I knew about this! Shame my Blueberry is 6 months old now. But maybe in the future if I'll have another baby. Great review!