Get that Summer Glow with Glow2Go by Termalabs

Summer is around the corner and pale is now out. Get that beautiful summer glow without baking in the sun for hours with Glow2Go by Termalabs.

If you have fair skin like I do, sun bathing just isn't an option for you. Twenty minutes out in the sun and you look like a fried lobster. Oh and spray tans leave you looking like an oompa Loompa from willy wonka so those don't work either. Termalabs Glow2Go is about to change your pale life to the tan life while still looking natural.
Glow2Go is just like how it sounds, instead of lotion bottles to bring on vacation or those spray on cans Glow2Go are prepackaged individual  wipes. Each wipe looks almost like a cleaning wipe, folded up and white, it's almost hard to believe that each one will give you a freshly tanned look.

When applying these self tanning wipes onto your akin you will rub it evenly all over each disired area (for me it's my whole body). You won't see any color and it's almost like cleaning your body with a facial wipe or baby wipe. You want to make sure you hit every spot on the part of your body you are trying to get that tan look (you don't want spots or stripes when it drys). After you apply your Glow2Go let dry for 10 minutes without putting your clothes back on. Give the Glow2Go time to work it's tanning magic, it can take up to 4 hours to see a difference in your skin tone.

Glow2Go states it will give you a streak free tan, however if you really want this I suggest having someone else apply the tanning wipes to your body. The first time I applied it myself you could clearly see where I missed. To make up for my mistakes I had my fiance apply a new wipe only on the spots that I missed to get that even tan. I learned my lesson quick and learned that self tanning is not for people who like to rush through things. I waited about a week to let the tan disappear and I gave it another try but this time I went straight to my fiance to do it for me, we used two wipes that time, one for my upper body and one for my legs The second try worked according to plan. Four hours after applying the tanning wipes to my body I have a nice even glow. The next day my tan was darker than the day before and I had that desired tone I was looking for. Every few days (3) we applied a new wipe to keep the tan.

This is a really great self tanning product for anyone looking to get a slight, natural tan look.

* I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters

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