Embracing the #mombod

If you've had kids you got it! Mom bod comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes with or without stretch marks. No matter how your mom bod looks know that it's beautiful.

We need to stop hiding our bodies from the world, hiding it in shame. Let's show the world the journey our bodies have taken us on, the beautiful journey that brought your baby into the world.
8 weeks postpartum with baby 3 

Each and every one of your stretch marks are reminders of what your body is capable of. You gave a tiny little human life inside your body. For 9 whole months everything was about your baby and not the way your body looked so why is it that after your baby is born it's one of those things that's on your mind.

Everytime you look in the mirror tell yourself that you are beautiful, that each stretch mark is a reminder of how strong you are. Next time you go to the beach or pool show off your gorgeous stomach.

Leave a comment telling us why your body is beautiful. 

Alyssa Waters

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