Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

You've probably heard all the rave about fiber lashes by now on Facebook, on the web & even in the media. There are brands upon brands promising longer and fuller lashes just by applying mascara. We tried Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Lashes. Does it work? 

Bella Eleganze states that you will see lashes that are 300% thicker and longer while still looking natural. With this mascara you apply two different "formulas" to your lashes, the Transfer Gel and Green Tea Fibers.
1. Transfer Gel
2. Green Tea Fibers
3. Transfer Gel
4. Repeat steps if needed to get desired results.

I was really impressed with my first results but decided to do another coat to see if these Fiber Lashes really would boost the length and thickness with each application.  I didn't believe my lashes could look so fabulous without looking clumpy but I was proven wrong. Bella Eleganze gives me that false lash look without any clumps and without having to apply false lashes. 
When applying these Fiber Lashes you want to do it quick to make sure the first coat of Transfer Gel is still wet to apply the green tea fibers. The fibers are dry but the transfer gel will hold the fibers as long as the gel is still wet while applying them. After you apply your fibers add an extra coat of gel to seal on the fibers. If you aren't satisfied with just one application you can repeat the steps until you get your desired look. 
You want to try avoiding rubbing of the eyes when wearing our fiber lashes or the fibers may fall on your face. 

* I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters

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