What people don't tell you about having a baby

During each pregnancy everyone liked to inform me on many things that happen when you have a baby. For Instance
 " You'll never sleep in again"
"You won't ever look at your body the same way"
 "there goes your social life"
"It's no longer about you"

 What they don't tell you is that the tiny little human you're about to have will change your life forever, that this little person will bring the most happiness into your life. They don't tell you that even when you're sleep deprived and at the moment of a break down you look into those tiny eyes staring up at you and bring the biggest smile to your face. No one tells you that you will cherish sleepless nights, diaper changes and even the spit up because one day you look down at your baby and he or she is telling you they are growing up.

People forget to tell you that yes it's no longer what you want, but you will be okay with that. You are more than happy to go without so your child doesn't have to. You will walk into a store and instantly think about what your children want or need. They don't tell you that supporting your children feels like the biggest reward.

Yes its true, I will never look at my body the same way. Not because of the "mom belly" or because of the stretch marks like many think I will, but because it housed 3 beautiful children for 9 months (really 10). Every stretch mark is a reminder of how much I loved my children before I met each one of them, the journey I endured while they were growing inside my belly. I will never look at my body the same way because I love my body so much more now. 

No one ever tells you that your life with change forever because you will love someone so much you would give them the world if you could. You will do everything in your power to see a big beautiful smile on your littles one face. 
I am a MOM and that's all I ever want to be. 

Alyssa Waters

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Anonymous said...

They don't tell you that one night your daughter is going to be sitting at the table writing "I will be safe" until she goes to bed with a hand cramp because she got out of the car in the middle of a busy street to aid you in rescuing a stay dog you had stopped for. Ugh....