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You don't have to be a yogi to love yoga clothes and you don't have to practice meditation to feel relaxed with Sivana. Sivana provides you with the clothing to feel comfortable all day long. 

I recently just had my 3rd baby and I was feeling beyond uncomfortable in my clothes. The material felt rough on my newly mom bod and I just couldn't find a good fit where I could relax happily with my newborn.  I came across Sivana and just knew I had to give them a try. Shortly after I started doing light yoga and meditation to clear my mind and try to get back in shape while wearing my new Sivana shirts and yoga pants. 

My new AUM cropped tank is the only one I really feel relaxed in when I am meditating.AUM (from a spiritual perspective) is the divine creative vibration of the whole universe , when you use this vibration in meditation you are freeing your mind and feeling the presence of creation, bringing you joy and peace when you are in tune with it. This cropped tank with the word AUM on it reminds me to free my mind and listen to the sounds beyond the ruckus that surrounds me, to allow the presence of creation to bring me the joy in life and free my mind for peace.

The Keep Calm and DANDAYAMANA BIBHAKTAPADA PASCHIMOTTHANASANA refers to a yoga pose that helps you relax and be calm and is believed to be good for depression (along with other benefits). This tank brought some humor to it since the name of the pose is so long and so hard to pronounce you just have to think of the pose instead of the name (trying to say it could cause some frustration). 

Since the material of all these clothing pieces are so light I was a bit worried at first about how well the would wash up. I hold pretty high standards when it comes to washing clothes and their durability.  I wash all my clothes on cold and throw them right in the dryer. To my surprise my Sivana clothes held up perfectly without any pinholes, fading or even stitching coming out. The quality is definitely up to my standards and I would suggest this clothing line to everyone who wants great quality and comfort.

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* I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience. 

Alyssa Waters


Bubby's Mommy said...

I know nothing about yoga, except a few basic poses, and this review makes me want to run out and find some yoga classes! lol
I love the way you explained the story behind the shirt, and described your own experiences while wearing it. Awesome post!

Marya Mann said...

I absolutely love this review. I've tried yoga but it's much harder than people think. Thanks for the additional info and background you shared. I still like to find my inner peace and doing so in comfy clothes would be a bonus!

Jaclyn Anne said...

This top looks so soft and comfy, and it is cute too! I would absolutely wear it while working out.

You look amazing by the way!!

Cynthia Nicoletti said...

You look so comfortable while you mediatate.