Naturalico Rechargeable Electronic Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover

It's sandal season but are your feet ready? The Naturalico Rechargeable Electronic Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover will get you feet sandal ready in no time. 

The Naturalico Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover is a rechargeable device with detachable "Grinding roller heads" that will shave away dead skin in just seconds.

Let me start off with I HATE FEET! I really mean that, I find them disgusting and can not stand when anyone touches mine or being touched by them. I feel like this repulsiveness to feet started when I was child and I would see my mother scrape her calluses off with one of the feet scrubbers that looked like a cheese grater.
Now that I have discovered the Naturalico Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover I wish they had this device when I was child so didn't have to see my own mother suffer with doing whatever it took to get soft, smooth feet. I personally now use the callus remover on myself and just got my significant other to use it on his feet as well.

In just a few seconds every few days you will instantly feel smoother skin at the bottom of your feet. The Naturalico Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover comes with two heads, a charger and brush for cleaning. The detachable heads look like small rollers with light crystals on them but they are gentle enough where they aren't rough on your feet but really do remove all the dead skin. This device is designed to stop if there is too much pressure so you won't be able to damage your skin even more by pressing too hard and that way it can not cut you (unlike the metal scrapping ones). Since this callus remover is rechargeable the only thing you will have to buy again after purchasing is new detachable heads when needed (we have been using ours for 20 days and they are still as good as new).

Naturalico offers a lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee if you don't love this foot file and callus remover.

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* I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own and you may more may not share the same experience. 

Alyssa Waters


Brandi Hayden said...

I love the color. I could definitely use this on my dry heels.

Bubby's Mommy said...

OMG! I own one of these and it is FANTASTIC!! My feet are always rough because I wear flip-flops and hardy ever wear tennis shoes. This little thing really is great!! I can definitely think of a few friends and family members that could have benefited from this when I was growing up!

Cynthia Nicoletti said...

This callus remover is amazing. It makes your feet feel as if you just went for a pedicure.

Rachel Fuller said...

I LOVE my Naturlico foot file/callus remover! it is amazing!

Luv_a_bul said...

I need this. My feet are terrible from years as a waitress. I hate using that "cheese slicer" for feet. But I hate my calluses more.

Shanna Gebhard said...

I need to get one of these to help get my feet in shape for the summer!