MommyCon Orlando Recap "The mother of all mom events"

If there is one thing I really love about being a mother is discovering the new products out there for children and babies. This past weekend we attended MommyCon in our local city. We had an absolute blast! While we were at MommyCon we learned all about baby carriers, cloth diapering, breastfeeding and the latest products for baby. 

MommyCon brought us trusted companies such as Orbitbaby, Babyganics, Ergo, 4moms and more. Along with guest speakers like The Leaky Boob and the creator of  Cotton Babies

As many people know I am very passionate about "Natural Parenting" and have been trying to find more ways to be more natural and help our environment. During MommyCon we attended the Cloth Diapering 101 seminar to learn all about cloth diapers. We learned that despite what the media tells us, cloth diapering is really the best route to take when trying to save our environment that in fact you can cut your carbon footprint by almost 40% by switching to cloth diapers and hanging them on a clothes line instead of putting them in the dryer (which if you cloth you know its best for your diapers). 

Now on to my favorite part of MommyCon...THE BABY CARRIERS! At this great mommy event they provided a Lounge just for baby carriers, we were able to try on just about every carrier & wrap offered to parents who want to keep their babies close. Brand ambassadors showed us how to properly use each carrier and wrap and show all the benefits to each carrier along with each way to wear them. This really gave everyone the chance to try it out before purchasing. When it comes to baby wearing there are so many brands & types of carriers and it can be hard to find the perfect fit for you & baby. 

There were many vendors at Mommycon who offered discounted prices for all attendees and gave us first glance at some really great products. Each vendor was super nice and allowed us to take photos to share with every & answered any questions that we had.

Each attendee received a "swag bag" full of goodies from their sponsors. Now our bag was targeted at breastfeeding moms which was perfect for us since we do breastfeed. Our goodie bag was valued at well over the cost of our tickets which were just $40 with code MOMTALK15

Alyssa Waters

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