Heart Felt Baby Wrap

Heart Felt Baby Wrap Carrier

It's no secret, this mama is OBSESSED with babywearing. When it comes to a great wrap comfort for mom and baby is key. The Heart Felt baby wrap allows you and baby to be close, comfortable and gives you the chance to really bond while baby feels secure. 

The Heart Felt baby wrap is made from Organic Cotton giving you a  lighter fabric that is more breathable even in warm climates. We were able to have a two hour outing at our local park here in Florida without really breaking a sweat in our Heart Felt wrap.  

As a mother I choose to babywear every day so I can bond more with my baby, have her close to my heart to comfort her, and of course to give lots of kisses. Those are not the only reasons I babywear, another perk to wearing your baby in a wrap or carrier is as a mother life and chores don't stop, when you can wear your baby on you you are able to hold him/her hands free meaning you can get more work done. 
Gwendolyn (1 month old) seemed to really love our new Heart Felt wrap since she didn't make a single peep indicating she was upset. While the baby slept on my chest I was able to walk around the park hands free of holding a baby. We were out for about 2 hours while Gwendolyn slept away and we both didn't break a sweat (THANK YOU ORGANIC COTTON). 
I love that I can wear my baby for hours in our wrap without having to deal with any back pain or even my shoulders hurting. I was even able to wear my friend's 2 year old who weighs 26pounds in our wrap and he seemed to love it. 

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**Disclaimer: I received these samples free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are those of my own and I was not influenced in anyway for a positive review. No other compensation was provided.

Alyssa Waters


Lisa Weeks said...

We need a wrap or carrier so bad my LO just grew out of ours

Sarah Hayes said...

Id love to win this to wear future little ones or a friends baby!

Susana Higuera said...

I have a newborn less than a month old and this would be perfect!

Kate Levett said...

I wear my baby everywhere and I'd love to have something comfy for around the house wears!

Theresa Anne said...

I'm excited to try baby wearing once our first little one arrives, but wraps are really intimidating. I love the Heart Felt baby wrap because it seems easier to use than other wraps. I also love that it is made of breathable organic cotton.

Danielle Royalegacy said...

I think my daughter could really use one of these when her son is born later this year.

Sarah Elyce said...

I want to win for my cousin who is expecting her first child.

Kitty Loo said...

the light weight fabric is appealing since we've been getting hot, summer weather already