Beach Front Baby Water Wrap to the Rescue!

Let me just start out with I am OBSESSED with babywearing. Wraps, Slings, Carriers I want them all! But sadly not all wraps fit our needs when it comes to the weather here in Florida.

 Luckily I came across Beach Front Baby Carriers, a water wrap (ring slings too) that are perfect for our hot summers and even our warm spring time. These water wraps are made of a mesh like material that is breathable and lightweight making them the perfect wrap for warm weather. 

Now why are they called "water carriers"? Beach Front Baby Carriers are in fact designed for the water. The 100% polyester jersey material feels just like it does when you are wearing a bathing suit and the wrap doesn't get heavy in the water and dries quickly. You can use these wraps and ring slings at the beach, in the pool or even in the shower. 

My newborn (born 4/13/2015) loves to be worn whenever possible, I should really say she loves to be worn daily but our other wraps just seem to be too heavy for our already warm spring weather, within a few minutes of being in our other wraps Miss. Gwen and I start to sweat. Our Beach Front Baby wrap came just in time for us to really get to enjoy small outings to our local lake to walk around. We are able to be out for longer periods of time without sweating due to a heavy wrap in our warm temperatures in Florida. 

Our Beach Front Baby wrap has already come to my rescue a few times when mama just needs a shower and the baby decides she wants to be on me. I can quickly put on our wrap, place Gwen in and hop in the shower with her close to me. She loves being in the wrap during shower time and really soothes her feeling the water hit while I get to actually wash my hair.  We can't wait to give our wrap a try in the pool when Gwen is a little older! 

**Disclaimer: I received these samples free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are those of my own and I was not influenced in anyway for a positive review. No other compensation was provided.

Alyssa Waters


Charity Gorman said...

I loved to wear my son when he was smaller but it was so hard because the carrier I had was difficult and very hot during the summer, which is when he was born. I would love to try a wrap like this. It sounds like it is perfect for Florida.

amie george said...

Having a wrap was definitely a necessity when my kids were babies! I love the look and style of this one! Looks not only comfy for baby but Mommy too

lauren cheely said...

This would of been perfect when I went to the beach!! As always, GREAT review.

Sam Sly said...

Great picture! I love the yellow carrier and your hair. That looks like a really nice carrier.