Baby More Co. Wrap & How to Video

Weather you already babywear or you are looking to babywear a great wrap to use is the Baby More Co. wrap. This wrap is a spandex and cotton blend that gives you a nice stretch to securely carry your baby. 

I am a mother who is slightly obsessed with babywearing. The Baby Wrap Carrier by Baby More Co. is definitely a high quality wrap that is perfect for every mom who wants to keep her baby close. This wrap makes it easy to keep your baby close to your heart while comforting them but allows mom to get work done. 

The Baby More Co. wrap holds up well in the washer, after each wash I personally like hanging it outside to dry instead of putting in the dryer but from the looks of the quality I would say it's safe in the dryer as well. The length is perfect for women of all sizes, I am 5'5 and 130 lbs and can easily wrap this wrap around (as shown in the instructions) and bring it back around to the front to tie it. My 1 month old baby loves being wrapped up in this baby wrap which helps me get household work done without a fussing baby.

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In the video I go step by step on how to wear your baby using the Baby More Co. wrap in a Front Cross Carry with babies legs out. 

**Disclaimer: I received these samples free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are those of my own and I was not influenced in anyway for a positive review. No other compensation was provided.

Alyssa Waters

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Jaclyn Anne said...

Thank you for your review of this lovely wrap - it looks like it would be the perfect baby shower gift!