Preparing for Baby~ Take a "ME" Day

Preparing for the new baby can be a joyous time, but at the same moment can be a little overwhelming once you hit those final weeks of your pregnancy. STOP what you are doing, breath deeply & take a ME day. Try to remember that while getting ready for the new little bundle of joy you deserve a day to focus just on YOU. 

Taking a day to yourself can be relaxing even in those hectic final days of preparing your body, home & family for your new little prince or princess to arrive. 

This personal day doesn't have to be much. Turn off "mommy mode", clear your mind of all the second guessing, last minute "oh my, we forget to get....." on this day nothing else should matter but YOU. Taking a me day doesn't mean you have to go out & spend a bunch of money on yourself either. 

When I take a personal me day I like to relax at home. Do yourself a favor, go to the store and pick up the following

Facial Mask
Calming Lavender Lotion
Nail Supplies (buffer, cuticle oil)
New nail color
& a great scented body wash for a bubble bath.

Take this day to pamper yourself. Relax in a lukewarm bath for as long as you please, put your head back with your facial mask, close your eyes and clear your mind. Think of this day as a day at the spa but only in the comfort of your own home. After your relaxing bath throw on that robe & apply Calming Lavender Lotion to continue your relaxation time after your bath. During this time I really enjoy an at home manicure, apply cuticle oil to your nail beds, file & buff your nails & then apply your new color that you picked out just for yourself. 

When preparing for the new baby it is really important to think about yourself as well. These final days of your pregnancy can be the last few days you can really take some time off for yourself. Don't worry about everything you still need to get done, there is always tomorrow. Relax, Breath & Stay Calm. 

Alyssa Waters


Maycees Momma said...

This is very couple mommy me days before bundle joins the family:)

Bubby's Mommy said...

You are so right, taking time for yourself is very important both during your pregnancy as well as after. But especially at the end of your pregnancy because once baby comes, it will all be baby time and you will find your self sighing with relief just when you find the time to shower! lol Great post, thank you for sharing!!