Just Bamboo- Bamboo cutting boards

This mama is all about all natural, & that trend has hit our kitchen. Just Bamboo cutting boards are all natural bamboo food cutting boards that come in a set of 3. 

These Just Bamboo cutting boards come in a set of 3 including  Large, Medium & Small. When it comes to cutting boards we assume they are all the same, we couldn't be any more wrong when it comes to this statement. Plastic is known to hold in bacteria, while cleaning our old cutting board I kept thinking about the bacteria that the plastic was holding in while cutting fresh meat. I decided to do some research & read that wood (Including Bamboo) naturally kills off bacteria and won't hold it in. Bamboo cutting boards are easy to clean, safer for your home & are light weight. 

Before using your Just Bamboo Cutting Boards it is important to treat them first with coconut oil or mineral oil so you won't have to worry about cracking after your first few uses. When it comes to Bamboo it is also important to make sure you don't leave them submerged in water & that you dry them off completely before putting them away. 

I am so happy I found these Just Bamboo cutting boards, I don't see myself ever bringing a plastic cutting board in our home again. 

Alyssa Waters


christine seaholtz said...

these cutting boards sound awesome.I would love to have the opportunity to review them.I love your review of them also.

Barrie Mac said...

I have a cutting board that is ONLY for meat and never use anything else on it. I had no idea bamboo cutting boards naturally kill bacteria! I'll be looking for bamboo cutting boards soon.

Jacqueline K. Lewis said...

Wait. Bamboo naturally kills bacteria?! This would be awesome to have in the kitchen!

Bubby's Mommy said...

I love having a separate cutting board for my fruits and veggies, and then for my meats. Cross contamination scares me, and I try to be sanitary and safe for my little guy. These look really nice and I love that they are made from bamboo! Thank you so much for sharing your review :)

Sam Sly said...

Thanks for sharing, that looks like a nice lightweight cutting board set.