Pouch2Go- Large Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Whether you are a "Frugal Mama" or just a mama looking to give her baby the best with homemade baby food, Pouch-2Go pouches are perfect to store homemade baby food & make it easy to take it on the go. 

We've all seen the squeeze pouches of pre-made baby food on the store shelves that make it easy to give your little one a quick snack while on the go, my kids loved these little snack pouches but the price was starting to really reflect  my banking account. On any given day my two toddlers would go through 4-5 pouches (I had "good eaters") which resulted in over 20 pouches a week while we were on the go.

Pouch-2Go are reusable pouches that are easy to fill, clean, & re-use. As a mother who is trying to be as frugal as possible, & would like to save money everywhere I can, these pouches were just what I was looking for. I am making all the babies food at home & use these pouches to easily store our home-made food in the fridge & quickly grab one from the fridge right before we leave. The Large size bag makes it possible to store just enough food for an outing that could last a few hours. 

When your little one is all finished with their yummy goodness, the Pouch-2Go pouches open from the bottom (like a really sturdy ziplock bag) so you can clean them out & re use. These pouches come in 2 sizes on Amazon, 3oz & 7oz for just $14.99 for 5 pouches. 

*Disclaimer: I received the product described above for free in exchange for my unbiased review. No other compensation was provided

Alyssa Waters


Sara Ward said...

These sounds amazing thanks for sharing

Bubby's Mommy said...

Oh, I love these, but haven't tried the reusables yet, only the disposable ones. Thank you for sharing this, I see that these are a good price, and you get 5 of them which is really nice. May have to look into buying these tonight. :)

Erica Romo-Tapia said...

That would have been good when my daughter was little. Nothing better than fresh food