Beabies Teething Necklace & Bracelet Sets

Beabies Teething Necklace & Bracelet Sets 

Teething Necklace and Bracelet/Bangle (Black) Flat oval 

I've been looking for the perfect teething necklace for quit sometime now & I do believe I have finally found the right fit for my style. As I await the arrival of my third baby I have been using this teething necklace & bracelet as my fashion accessories. The silicone material is soft enough for your teething baby to chew on without damaging their gums. It's easy to wash with just soap & water & won't lose it's coloring. 

I absolutely love this Teething Necklace. The bead like silicone makes it stylish for mom & perfect for baby to chew on while teething. In the past I disliked teething toys since I was always picking them up off the floor, now I can wear our teething necklace to comfort my teething baby.I love the fact that it's not only fashionable but it's practical for a mother to wear while holding her little one. It's also great for nursing mothers so baby has something to play with while eating. The Silicone on this necklace is sturdy unlike some others & BPA free which is all you will find in my house for my children. 

*Disclaimer: I received the product described above for free in exchange for my unbiased review. No other compensation was provided

Alyssa Waters

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Candice Balser said...

I didn't think about using a teething necklace for baby to play with while nursing. That might help with my little guy's new habit of squeezing and twisting one breast while nursing on the other.