Sun Si'Belle Tinted Sunscreen

Sun Si'Belle Tinted Sunscreen

Many of us are concerned about skin care & use many products daily to protect or reverse damage to our skin. However if you are like me, you tend to leave sunscreen on your face out of your daily routine. Sun Si'Belle Tinted Sunscreen makes it possible to bring sunscreen into your facial routine without leaving the oily feeling on your skin & without having to add a foundation on top to only have it run off throughout the day.

Living in Florida I know how important sunscreen is to protect our skin from the harmful rays from the sun, yet I only use it when we are going to the beach or having a long day outside. When having a day out I want to look my best so makeup is a must for me & with past experiences I would put on my sunscreen & then foundation, hours (1-2) my makeup was running down my face. Obviously being more concerned with my current looks I decided to take sunscreen out of my routine. This resulted in the increase of freckles on my face from the lack of protection.

Sun Si'belle has changed my views on combining sunscreen & foundation. The difference is, I now don't have to apply two products. I am able to get a coverage that a regular foundation provides to help cover red spots on my face but also gives me protection from UVA & UVB rays. I am so thrilled to have finally found a tinted "anything" that actually matches my skin tone never mind a tinted sunscreen.

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Alyssa Waters

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