Soothe Shirt by LALABU

Soothe Shirt by LALABU
"Stylish top, cozy pouch, nursing bra"

The Soothe Shirt was designed with mama & baby in mind, not only is this shirt fashionable & comfortable for mom, it's comfortable for baby. LALABUs Soothe Shirt features a pouch to calm baby & nursing bra for convenient breastfeeding.
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I personally believe the Sooth Shirt is going to change the world for all new moms & breastfeeding moms. Having a newborn is exciting but can be hard trying to comfort your new bundle of joy, the Soothe Shirt by LALABU was designed to keep baby close to your chest for comfort & allows mom to relax while she's comforting her baby. Like a baby carrier the cozy pouch includes a head support that flips up to secure your baby & keep baby close to you.
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The build in nursing bra is perfect for all breastfeeding moms. As a mom of 2 with my third on the way I know how difficult it can be trying to keep covered while breastfeeding. The Soothe Shirt includes two layers for extra coverage at all times, when you are ready to nurse your little one simply flip down the first layer (also the top of the cozy pouch) & nurse away. LALABU has made it easy to nurse & stay covered with this built in bra feature, your shirt will always cover your stomach while nursing.

 I love that I am able to wear my Soothe Shirt while pregnant as we await the arrival of our new addition to the family. This is one of my MUST haves in our hospital bag so I can comfort Gwendolyn in the pouch starting from day one. 

Disclaimer: I received the items above free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was provided for this review & all opinions are those of my own. 

Alyssa Waters


Rotties Reviews said...

What an amazing product. I'm way past having babies but if I was a nursing mom this would be a lifesaver.

Rachel Fuller said...

This is a great product. Hopefully I will be blessed with another baby and able to use something like this! I love it!

PrettiMamita said...

Sounds like a great product but a little too expensive for me to just go out and buy although it definitely seems worth it.

Keara B. said...

Such a cool product! I would have loved one of these with my girls. I had both my daughters in the summertime... does this shirt feel really hot when you wear it because of the extra layers?

Lindsay Whitman Drewes said...


Great post! I agree that this is really a game changer for new moms. How did you like using it for baby number 3?

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Keep being the great Mama you are. You were made for this!