When Nesting Hits Full Force



If you have ever been pregnant or even been around a pregnant woman you know all about nesting, even if you have never had a baby you have heard about about this lovely stage of pregnancy. I have read article after article on the internet stating that nesting doesn't hit until your 3rd trimester (27 weeks), I am here to call LIES! 

Nesting has hit me FULL FORCE with baby number three much sooner than I expected. I have moved rooms around, thrown out furniture to make more space, & cleaned out storage closets. The babies closet is stocked full of clothing from sizes Newborn to 6-12 ( I can not stop shopping), her diapers are all put away in our Bobee Inc Diaper & Wipe Dispenser, her walls are scrubbed & the list goes on. I can not stop cleaning, as soon as I feel like I am finally finished I am right back at it.  I've been living in yoga pants & pre-pregnancy shirts just to clean in. Today I went as far as buying all new cleaning products that are all Natural & plant-based so our house isn't full of chemicals when the new baby finally gets here. 

Although I did just hit the third trimester in my third pregnancy & "nesting" has hit harder than ever I want to tell you it began in the beginning of the 2nd trimester. So I want to know how do these sites determine that the urge to clean & get everything prepared for the baby doesn't hit until well after your pregnancy is half over. Maybe I am an odd ball but I have spoken to many pregnant woman who felt the urge to have the entire baby nursery done as early as the 4 month of their pregnancy. My question for you is when did you start nesting?

Alyssa Waters

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