InstaNatural Certified Organic & 100% Natural SeaWeed Powder

InstaNatural Certified Organic & 100% Natural SeaWeed Powder 

Recently I have found myself on a health kick & to go with this kick knowing what I put on my skin is a top priority. I found myself going through all my beauty products to read labels to find myself not knowing what most of the ingredients were & discovered how many chemical based ingredients are in the products that we use almost daily. With InstaNatural I know exactly what is going on my skin & know that they are 100% Natural. 

I added the InstaNatural Certified Organic & 100% Natural Seaweed Powder to my collection of InstaNatural products already in my cabinet. As I've shared over the past few months I am expecting my 3rd baby in April & have been using the Seaweed Powder mainly on my belly to help with evening the tone of my skin & to help bring back moisture to my dry stretching skin. I am not sure if I can thank the InstaNatural Seaweed Powder for not gaining any more pregnancy battle scars but I do believe it has worked greatly ( I also use the InstaNatual Stretch Cream daily). 1-2 times I week I mix a few simple ingredients together along with the Seaweed Powder to make a small mask to rub on my stomach & leave it until it's dried then take a nice relaxing shower to wash it away. 

Body Wrap: 
1 Cup Seaweed Powder
Warm Water 
2 Tablespoons Olive oil
1-2 drops of Essential oil (optional)

Apply all over your body where you want to target & wrap yourself with ace bandages (I do not wrap at this time due to my pregnancy, just relax in the bathroom with steam going & let it set to dry). Leave on for 15-20 minutes & wash in the shower. 

If you are looking for a versatile beauty product then the Organic & 100% Natural Seaweed Powder is the perfect product for you. The packaging comes with a list of different scrubs you can make using this powder making your uses endless.

Disclaimer: I received the InstaNatural Organic Seaweed Powder free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review. 

Alyssa Waters

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