Feeling Sorry for my 3rd Baby

During your first pregnancy you are usually completely clueless to what you really need for your baby, so you tend to pick up EVERYTHING a store has to offer. Your list of baby items is a mile long because you've heard "all babies love the swing, bumbo, bouncer....." You tend to think everything down in the baby section at Target is an item you MUST have for your first baby since you saw that mama down the other aisle with her cart full of cute baby accessories & bottles. Then when you find out the gender of your baby, he or she needs every outfit in the gender appropriate colors with the matching beanie & headbands, socks, blankets and I could go on for days. Then the big kicker is soon after your baby is born you start to realize that the $30 dollar outfit may have not been worth it after all, your baby wore it once & outgrew it quickly. You stick your baby in the $80 swing to get some cleaning done & baby is screaming his or her lungs out & you being to think "did I just waste my money"

Years later you may have your second child who happens to be the opposite gender of your first baby so once again you are out clothes shopping. This time you are a little wiser with your money but since your first baby was a boy you just NEED all the cute girl outfits with the frills & bows. Every outfit needs a matching headband, her socks need the ruffles & don't get me started on the adorable mary jane shoes they have for baby girls. You quickly learn that most babies don't like all those extra accessories & you are constantly hunting around the store looking for that adorable headband that your baby tore off. 

Then you have baby number three, although you are excited to have another child you begin to see how much money you wasted on your first two. You donated or gave your friends the adorable outfits that were worn one time or even with the tags still attached. You think about all the baby gadgets you had in your home that one baby loved & the other hated. With each child you really thought that you would use everything that you bought & quickly learned this was not the case. So with your third child you begin to think about what is ABSOLUTELY needed, you go with the bare minimal & try to save every single penny you can. Although she will still get some new things from the store, she will be getting a lot of "hand me downs" & thrift store finds (designer of course). Everything I find has to be under a certain price or I feel like I spent too much knowing how little use we will get out of everything. Some times I feel bad for my 2nd little girl who is due in April because I learned my lesson with my first daughter that cute is not always worth the price. I have become beyond cheap when it comes to buying everything she will need. Although she will not go without she won't be getting everything the first two had. 

Alyssa Waters

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Jamie Hammel said...

She will never know the difference of the material things. However, she will know how much you love her! Btw, both of your kids are adorable!