Wild Republic Audubon Birds Review + Giveaway

 Wild Republic Audubon Birds Review + Giveaway

Whether you are a collector of authentic birds or teaching your children about different species Wild Republic Audubon Birds are adorable realistic birds with authentic sounds perfect for everyone. 

We received the Baltimore Oriole from Wild Republic & this little guy resembles the real bird perfectly. Since Christmas was so close I decided to give my 3 year old daughter this adorable little birdie for Christmas since she is now at the age of wanting to learn all about animals & nature. As she held her Audubon Bird she began to mimic his tweets. As I watched her play with her new friend she convinced me that she will in fact need the other Audubon Birds from Wild Republic to help teach her about all the birds & the sounds that they make. 

Enter to win one now! Open to US. Ends 1/1

Alyssa Waters

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M Wag said...

We have a clock that gives different bird calls on the hour and when our son hears them, he stops, smiles, cocks his head and listens till they're done! It's cute to watch.